sports team in las vegas

Las Vegas has become a sports lover’s paradise in recent years. The city buzzes with the energy & excitement of sports events throughout the year, hosting a multitude of professional teams & franchises that have brought an infectious vitality to the region.

Vegas Golden Knights (NHL)

The Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL have captured the hearts of many since they began their journey in 2017. The Knights are Las Vegas’s very own ice warriors, an expansion NHL team that defied the odds by reaching the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season & winning the championship in 2023.

Their home, T-Mobile Arena, is a cathedral for hockey enthusiasts, where every game is a thrilling ride of skillful plays & an atmosphere that’s second to none. Buy tickets here

sports team in las vegas
sports team in las vegas

Las Vegas Raiders (NFL)

Having moved from Oakland, the Raiders settled into their new home at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The Raider Nation, known for its fierce loyalty, has now set its roots in the desert, & the city has embraced the iconic football team.

Their daring spirit on the field is a fitting match for their new home’s state-of-the-art features, which include an in-stadium nightclub & a 360-degree screen. With storied traditions & a growing fan base, the Raiders are an integral part of the city’s new sports legacy. Get your tickets here.


Since 2018, the Aces have called Las Vegas home, playing their games at the Michelob ULTRA Arena inside Mandalay Bay.

Since their arrival in Sin City, the Las Vegas Aces WNBA Team has left an indelible mark, clinching the WNBA Championship in 2022 & making appearances in an impressive four WNBA Finals! Renowned for their fast-paced, high-scoring gameplay, complemented by formidable defense & rebounding skills, the Las Vegas Aces boast some of the league’s top talents, including A’ja Wilson, Chelsea Gray, Kelsey Plum, & Alysha Clark.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking for an electrifying outing with the family, catch the action with the Las Vegas Aces for an unforgettable experience. Get tickets here!

sports team in las vegas
sports team in las vegas

Las Vegas Lights (USL)

Ever felt the urge to throw your shirt over your head & dash through the streets in sheer jubilation? Welcome to the world of soccer fandom, where such exuberance is par for the course, especially if you’re rooting for the USL’s Las Vegas Lights. The electrifying atmosphere, the deafening cheers echoing through the stands after a near miss, & the players’ impeccable footwork embody the essence of soccer. And now, you don’t have to settle for watching matches from the confines of a bar in Las Vegas. Bid farewell to cheering for distant teams like the LA Galaxy or the Portland Timbers. The Las Vegas Lights encapsulate everything soccer in the city. It’s time to unleash your inner GOOOOOOAAAAAL! Don’t miss out – buy tickets!


Get ready to root for our very own MLB team because Las Vegas is about to hit it out of the park with the arrival of the Las Vegas Athletics, formerly known as the Oakland Athletics! As the 2024 season draws near, we bid farewell to the A’s in Oakland, California, & eagerly await their debut in our vibrant city.

Excitement is building as plans unfold for a state-of-the-art $1.5 billion stadium. Set to rise proudly on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, where the legendary Tropicana Hotel & Casino once stood. It’s a bittersweet farewell to a beloved landmark, but with the Las Vegas Athletics stepping up to the plate, our city’s professional sports lineup continues to shine brighter than ever before. Get ready to witness history in the making as Las Vegas embraces its newest sports franchise with open arms.

sports team in las vegas
sports team in las vegas

Desert Dogs Lacrosse (NLL)

While lacrosse may not enjoy the same spotlight as baseball or soccer in the United States, the freshly minted Las Vegas Desert Dogs are set to change that narrative. Bringing the intensity of this high-energy sport to our desert oasis, the Desert Dogs are poised to make a mark.

Home games for the Desert Dogs are held at the Michelob ULTRA Arena inside Mandalay Bay, offering nine thrilling matchups each season from December to April. Brace yourself for some fierce competition on the field. Las Vegas is about to become a hotspot for lacrosse excitement! Buy your tickets here!

Las Vegas Thrill (Volleyball)

Introducing the Pro Volleyball Federation, the newest sensation on the American sports horizon, Las Vegas’s very own professional volleyball team – Vegas Thrill. Get ready to witness top-tier volleyball action as Vegas Thrill dominates the court, delivering thrilling spikes & awe-inspiring plays right before your eyes.

Join the excitement courtside and be a part of history as North America’s premier professional indoor volleyball league unfolds, showcasing the finest talent from across the globe. With Vegas Thrill at the forefront, you’ll experience the exhilaration of professional volleyball like never before, making it the ultimate destination for sports entertainment enthusiasts everywhere. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this electrifying journey! Buy tickets today.

sports team in las vegas

Notable Minor League Teams in LV

The Las Vegas Aviators, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Oakland Athletics, have been a beloved fixture in Las Vegas since 1983. Formerly known as the Las Vegas Stars & the Las Vegas 51s, the team rebranded as the Aviators in 2019, coinciding with their move to the state-of-the-art Las Vegas Ballpark in Downtown Summerlin. The Aviators have become synonymous with thrilling games & family-friendly entertainment, making them a cherished part of the Las Vegas sports community.

The Henderson Silver Knights, a minor league hockey team, have quickly become a beloved fixture in the Las Vegas sports scene since their inception in 2020. As an affiliate of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, they bring the same level of excitement & passion to the ice.  The Silver Knights continue to solidify their place in the hearts of Las Vegas hockey enthusiasts, adding yet another layer of excitement to the city’s vibrant sports landscape.

The NBA G League Ignite represents a groundbreaking initiative aimed at nurturing the next generation of basketball talent primed for the NBA Draft. Nestled in Henderson, this team boasts a roster teeming with top-tier prospects eligible for the NBA Draft, alongside seasoned NBA & NBA G League veterans who serve as invaluable mentors. While Ignite diverges from the traditional NBA G League setup, it engages in spirited matchups against G League opponents & showcases its prowess through international exhibitions, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in basketball development.

The Impact of Sports Teams on the Community

Beyond the thrill of victories & despair of defeats, Las Vegas teams have become woven into the community fabric, inspiring local youth & contributing to the economy through increased tourism.

Youth Development & Fan Engagement

Professional sports teams often catalyze interest among the youth in the relevant sports & promote active lifestyles. Las Vegas teams have active community outreach programs & youth academies, fostering talent & passion for the game among youngsters.

Economic Boost & Tourism

The advent of these teams & their dedicated venues has provided a significant boost to the city’s economy. Tens of thousands of fans flock to the city each year, spending on tickets, merchandise, accommodations, & more, turning game days into economic victories for Las Vegas businesses.

Spectator Experience in Las Vegas

What sets the sports scene in Vegas apart is not just the teams on the field but the larger-than-life experiences they offer to fans. From innovative pre-game festivities to post-game revelry, every step is a celebration of the city’s love for sports & entertainment.

Catching a Game in Vegas: What to Expect

When attending a game, expect intense action & an unrivaled fan experience. The city’s sports venues are designed with fan comfort & engagement in mind, offering everything from premium dining options to in-game entertainment that’s on par with the adrenalin-pumping matches.

The Heart of the Fan Base

The fans in Vegas are as diverse as the city’s attractions. From long-time locals to visiting enthusiasts, the camaraderie & passion displayed in the stands is a testament to the unifying power of sports. Each team has its own unique traditions & culture that contribute to the collective excitement during game days.

Post-Game Hotspots & Activities

The excitement doesn’t have to end when the final buzzer sounds. LV has a plethora of post-game activities, ranging from world-class dining to iconic entertainment shows. Whether you’re celebrating a win or seeking solace after a loss, the options are as abundant as the city’s neon lights.

These sports teams have significantly enriched the city’s cultural landscape, adding a new chapter to its legacy as an entertainment capital. For locals & visitors alike, supporting these teams means more than cheering for a touchdown or a goal; it’s about unity, shared experiences, & the indomitable spirit of Sin City that is lighting up the sports world.

Vegas has transformed into a sports powerhouse, thanks to the dynamic presence of its major & minor league teams. Their collective story is one of growth, triumph, & community bonding. Whether you’re a local who’s basked in the city’s evolution or a visitor eager to soak in the excitement, the city offers a sports experience that’s as fulfilling as it is vibrant. With each game played & each cheer raised, these teams continue to make an indelible mark on the world of sports, showcasing the city’s commitment to excellence & its love for every form of entertainment.

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