myths about the housing market

Housing Market Myths

Here are a few myths about today’s housing market causing fear & what you really need to know.

If you have any reservations or fears about purchasing a home today, let’s connect so you have an expert to clear those up! 


⊗ I cannot buy a home if I have student loan debt

√ Many people can still purchase a home, even if they have student loans.

“…buying a home with student loans is possible, experts say. The proof is in the numbers, too: Some 40% of first-time homebuyers have student loan debt, according to the NAR study.” – Apartment Therapy 

⊗ Home prices were going to drop in 2023

√ The data proves, that nationally, home prices are NOT crashing. They are actually rising again after a little dip. 

scary myths about the housing market

⊗ I have to put 20% down when I buy a home

√ You do NOT have to put 20% down unless specified by your loan type or lender. According to the NAR, the median down payment is lower. 

scary myths about the housing market

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