Want to build a house in Las Vegas or Henderson?

They are not making anymore land so now is the time to get your piece.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite parcels of land for sale currently.  Check out these views!!

If I were to build a home I would want a view of something.  I think that you would enjoy your home more especially after a hard days work…  imagine a glass of wine and an elevated view of the Las Vegas strip or a sunset view over the mountains?  I feel that you could have your own party in your backyard at home everyday and night with a pool, hot tub, firepit and view.  It could happen and I can help!!  Contact me!

Check out these parcels for sale.  These are located near South Las Vegas Blvd and Henderson only.  If you are curious about other areas, reach out to me.  There is honestly not a lot of land to build on unless you go way north or south.  There are only a couple of lenders that will loan on land in town and I have relationships with both, I can assist you every step of the way on purchasing land.

I can show you all parcels of land for sale that meet your criteria.  Want a large lot?  Want a view?  Want to be in an established neighborhood?  Contact me