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“Grandparent Wish”

Amid the pandemic, many individuals prioritized distancing from their loved ones for health and safety reasons. Specifically, grandparents were advised to refrain from close contact with their grandchildren. This precautionary measure was taken to minimize the risk of potential illness transmission from school-aged children.

With the pandemic now receding, many grandparents are urging to reunite with their grandchildren and make-up for the time spent apart. How are they fulfilling this heartfelt wish to be closer to their grandkids once more?

Recent statistics provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicate that individuals aged 55 – 74 are relocating over longer distances, exceeding 100 miles, in comparison to any other age demographic.

Grandparents relocating

In the United States, the typical age of grandparents stands at 67 years. It follows that a portion of those who are undertaking long-distance moves includes grandparents. However, what motivates them to relocate over such extensive distances?

According to the NAR report, the primary driving force behind these long-distance moves is the strong desire to be in closer proximity to their cherished loved ones.

Grandparents relocting2

Based on this data, it’s fair to say many grandparents are getting their wish of more quality time with their grandchildren by moving to be closer to them. This becomes particularly significant in light of the isolation and loneliness endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those who are grandparents, the profound significance of being near their grandchildren is well understood. This sentiment can be so powerful that some grandparents may be inclined to consider selling their current residences and relocating in order to be closer to their cherished grandchildren.

“Never underestimate the power of grandchildren – especially when it comes to lifestyle and financial decisions. Recent data shows that many baby boomers are relocating further away from home than they used to so they can be closer to their grandbabies.” Vance Cariaga at Go Bank Rates

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