Shadow Creek

Shadow Creek

Unveil the legend of a remarkable haven carved from Nevada’s desert by the esteemed architect Tom Fazio. Rest assured, no matter how eloquent the words, they fall short of capturing the true essence of this masterpiece. Shadow Creek demands to be played. Shadow Creek insists on being experienced. Only then can genuine enthusiasts of the sport fathom its awe-inspiring magnificence.

Memorable Course

Tom Fazio shared his experience with the course as an unparalleled golfing encounter globally. In fact, if a non-golfer were to set foot here, they’d deem it among the most remarkable spots they’ve ever been. From its inception to execution, spanning nearly 25 years, it remains an unforgettable part of his extensive golf career. The memories of brainstorming, designing, & witnessing the course’s opening continue to resonate with him. With exceptional golf, an extraordinary environment, & impeccable services, Shadow Creek holds a unique allure that’s hard to convey, even after experiencing it. It resides in a league of its own, distinct & captivating in every sense.

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