Living and working in the Las Vegas Valley right now, and with all the shut downs, home buyers and home sellers are wondering how this effects the Las Vegas and Henderson real estate market.

Right now is a good time to buy or sell a home. Rates are very low and most people are not just looking at the price of a house but the payment as well. As a seller, inventory is lower then usual which means prices are top dollar as people continue to relocate to the Vegas Valley. As a buyer, you are in a good position to negotiate because sellers are concerned their property might not sell in this current climate. But the current rate is the overall motivator.

With the Corona Virus safety measures in place, there is a new protocol in place to ensure the safety of all.

The brokerages are not allowing open houses for the most part. I do have a number of processes in place that would allow people to tour homes if they meet the criteria.

If you are selling your home…

1) I use a virtual tour technology called Matterport. We use a special camera and move it around your home allowing for a virtual walk-through of your home which even allows the viewer to pan around up, down and side to side as if they are there. I will also be recording a voice over of the Matterport technology that I can steam online. This allows me to expand on the features of your home.

2) Ultimately, after looking at the virtual tour, before somebody makes an offer on your house either through me or the buyers agent, they will want to physically see your home. If the home is vacant this is less of an issue. We would require shoes off or booties along with no touching of the interior of the house. We or the listing agent would be required to ascertain if the buyer was healthy.

If you are occupying the house, allowing people into your house would be up to you. The above steps would be in place and you would have the opportunity to leave the house prior to the showing. I will personally be there to make sure the rules are followed. Secondly, you would have to ensure that you are not under the weather. Just as I am protecting you, we need to protect the buyer if you are not feeling well.

If you are a buyer, I would expect the listing agent to have some kind of safety plan in place and of course, you would have to be healthy. I would negotiate with the listing agent for the visit as they are certainly motivated to sell the home for their client who may be worried their sale would be delayed for any reason.

So life goes on. Homes are still going to sell. Mortgage rates are low, and while many agents are going off the grid during this time, I will diligently work with you to serve your real estate needs. I am open for business!