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The Crucial Role of Real Estate Agents When Selling Your Home

There seems to be a considerable amount of mystery surrounding the job of a real estate agent. What goes on behind closed doors & within the whispers of property transactions? Let’s address the elephant in the room & dive into the roles & responsibilities of a real estate agent.

Contrary to popular belief, our job doesn’t just involve property listings & commission payouts. It’s a whole lot more, & we don’t shy away from letting you in on our secret.

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From preparing a comprehensive listing guide to researching a seller’s property tax information, we delve deep into the details to ensure smooth property transactions. We also research comparable sold properties & market trends to determine the average days on the market. We don’t just advise on possible repairs & upgrades; we provide an exhaustive checklist for sellers to ensure that every minor detail is looked into. We strive to educate our clients about current market conditions & discuss their goals in depth.


Real estate is a visual business, & we leverage advanced technology to provide 3D tours & drone shots of your property, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive view of your home. We also help sellers stage their homes & curate a personalized marketing plan emulating the property’s best features to attract maximum interest.


Navigating through the realms of buyer-seller relationships, we clarify the process – be it prescreening prospective buyers, explaining the appraisal process, or discussing different financing options. When it comes to paperwork, we’ve got you covered on that front too – from seller disclosure forms to homeowners’ association bylaws.


Resolute in our commitment to ensuring the best outcomes for our clients, we offer assistance beyond the completion of the sale as well. We guide sellers throughout the contract process, arrange for inspections & appraisals, & work closely with them all the way through to the closing process.

Before We Even Get Paid…

It’s not all cake & roses, though. We shoulder a multitude of expenses even before we earn our commission. From broker splits & fees, office rent, & insurance, to business licenses, advertising, & continued real estate education, the list goes on.

Last but not least, one of the most vital aspects we bring to the table is emotional support. Property transactions can be stressful, & keeping emotions in check is essential, & that’s something we’re here for.

seller job description

So, is being a real estate agent exhausting? Perhaps yes. But it’s our passion & commitment to aid our clients that keeps us going through all the rigors of the job.

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